This is Andrew “The Abbs Man” Abbott


He was launched into this world on the back of a flaming white horse over a bridge of thunder clouds. He was raised in Maryland where he could be close to the sea, the source of all life, and feast on crab cakes. In his youth he would frequently speak in tongues and translate the word of ancient gods with a Crayola crayon. It was said by some that these drawings could conjure unspeakable daemons when used in the proper rituals, by others it was believed they could be used for the manipulation of unearthly pleasures. His parents hung them on the fridge.

    Mr. and Mrs. Abbott offered only the finest in education for their God sent child. In his teen years Andrew was sent to Mount Saint Joseph High School in Baltimore to hone his skills for the good of mankind.

                After extensive training in the dark arts and mortal combat, Andrew defeated he-who-shall-not-be-named and put together a pretty decent portfolio. On the day of his graduation he sprouted golden wings and took to the sky.

    He spent the summer of 2005 flying around the Earth and righting wrongs before landing in the dark city, the city of terror, the city of dead witches, the city at the end of the world. Boston, Massachusetts.There he attended the Art Institute of Boston, where he majored in the divine art, Illustration. In his dorm room he performed Lovecraftian rituals and animal sacrifices, and in 2009 he graduated with a BFA and Illustration Major (with a minor in animation).

     Over the last decade plus Andrew has been honing his craft and polishing his skills battling through great loss and life changes. Andrew persevered keeping his head down and spending his days on the ranch Googling information for his colleagues on a regular Monday through Friday basis. It’s a dirty job but some jabronis’ gotta’ do it.

    Before the great sick took over the entire world Andrew had been traveling something fierce. He attended the great San Diego Comic Book, Art, and Pop Culture Enthusiast Convention five years running and sometimes made an appearance at the Baltimore Comic Book Convention as well. Andrew has spent many an evening futzing in the Photoshop to compile the #KowalskyCouchCollection. Andrew even hosted a podcast like everyone else did for a while! Links to past episodes can be found over on Twitter! When the plague settled in Andrew took the time during The Quarantine to complete his first ever Inktober series that can be observed over on Tumblr.     Nowadays he spends most of his time dusting his tchotchkes. Andrew enjoys rare artifacts, bad horror movies, and fish tacos. He's a pretty cool guy.

Contributed by:

Joe “Shotgun” Botsch

(with “tweaks”  by Andrew)